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Pawn It!
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You may have been tempted to sell your jewelry while gold is at or near all time highs but here are some great reasons to PAWN it instead of selling it.


Once you sell your items they are gone forever and at these historic gold prices those items will be very expensive to replace. 

Your items may have sentimental value and that is impossible to replace.

At We Lend More, Inc. in most cases we are able to give you a loan on your items for more money than most of the so called gold buyers are paying to buy your jewelry.

At We Lend More, Inc. we will give you up to 10 months to get your items back.

At We lend More, Inc. we offer discounted interest rates if you pick up your items in the 1st or 2nd month of your loan.  (For example a $500.00 loan on one item will only cost you $506.00 to pick up in the 1st month.)


Please contact us for more information on how to pawn your jewelry.  

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